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Halloween AI Ecosystem

An AI coding project made in Unity. All assets were modeled in Magica Voxel, then exported to Maya for touch ups before being implemented in unity. The Boogeyman was rigged with a simple skeleton and animated in Maya, all other animations were done using Unity's built in animator.

There are three different AI agents: Trick or Treaters, Houses, and the Boogeyman

Houses get candy over time and light up when available, Trick or Treaters knock on houses that have candy and wait for a result. Houses can either treat them, or trick them with a spooky surprise.

The Boogeyman becomes active after a period of time, and once active it will attack and scare any unoccupied Trick or Treaters that come into its border.

Gameplay Recording



Trick or Treat Models

Boogeyman chase with windup

Boogeyman chase loop

Boogeyman idle

Basic skeleton

Basic skeleton